Monday, June 18, 2007

The cutest puppy in the world!

I know everyone thinks they have the cutest puppy in the world....but I REALLY do! ;)

It's a good thing too, because his cuteness gets him out of a LOT of trouble! He recently got a haircut and he looks so much more grown-up to me now. I miss his fluffiness, but appreciate that I can actually see his eyes now, lol.

This picture is decieving though. It looks like he was just nicely posing for me. Umm, NO! It took literally 12 times of me putting him in position, telling him to "sit" and then "wait" before he actually stayed long enough for me to back up and get a good picture. So much for all these commands he's supposed to be learning in puppy class!


Amy said...

He is so cute! And look at can grow plants. I kill everything:)

love, Amy

Sue said...

I have to agree, he is very cute. As for obedience-- we have a 14 year old that never passed puppy kindergarten. I am sure yours will improve. Either way, us parents just love 'em!