Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Camping" by Theo

This past weekend I went on my first camping trip to Lincoln Rock State Park. Mom and Dad were a little afraid to take me for fear I would be a slight pain-in-the-butt at times. They were somewhat right! I was very good at times, and not so good at others. But I had a blast and I can't wait for my next camping trip!

Here I am all packed and ready to go!

This is the view from our campsite. Somehow Mom managed to score us the best site in the entire campground!

Dad and I went exploring that night.

Then when it got dark we watched the wildfires burning nearby.

The next day I went for my first swim! Complete with a lifejacket to make my paranoid mommy feel better. When I got to the small and rocky beach near our campsite, I jumped right into the water...and then quickly swam out when I realized I couldn't touch! I loved splashing in the water and zooming around the beach, but I'm not so sure about the whole swimming thing!

After I had dried off from my water adventures, I spent the afternoon lounging in Dad's chair, drinking my water, and enjoying the shade. :)

That night, after I'd eaten all the extra graham crackers from the smores we made, I snuggled with Dad by the campfire.

The next morning I was rested and ready to greet the day!

We walked around a bit and then we came back, where I "helped" to pack up camp.

What a weekend! I loved camping, but it was exhausting. I slept on the way home...until the curvy roads and the french fries Dad fed me caught up with me. I then urped up straight into Mom's purse! Then I heard them both yelling "sick!" a lot. Oh well, I went back to sleep (though later I did have the punishment of having to get a bath). I can't wait for my next camping trip!


Anonymous said...

Well, Theo! You are quite the little jounalist! This was a very cute rendition of your trip :)
Glad everyon had a good time!

Sue said...

WOW! I have not had blog checking time in a long while. You had such great posts fo me to catch up on! I love both the Theo camping perspective and the 'adventures' at Whistler. And your bread and swedish pancake photos made my mouth water! ~Sue