Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things that I'm loving lately...

~ This blog post (the Oct. 6th one) from the pastor of the church I used to go to.
~ Getting a 100% on my first math test. Woohoo!
~ How Theo snuggles up with my legs, which happens even more often now that the weather is getting cooler.
~ Trader Joe's white cheddar popcorn.
~ The fact that 3 of my friends are having babies (and I get to host a triple baby shower:)...and that David and I are getting a new niece or nephew in the spring!
~ Finding cute, yet inexpensive, purses and shoes at Target. I got these a couple of weeks ago.

~ My car Vanna. After having her for over a year, I still feel kind of giddy when I get to drive her (plus, she still has a faint new car smell, mmmm).

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Sue said...

So you ARE going to school!? Congratulations on the math triumph!!! And I love the blog from the pastor at Bethany. The October 6 entry was so well expressed, but I will enjoy going back to it for many reads. Articulate, solid, relevant messages! Thanks for the link.
Tell me more about school....