Monday, November 24, 2008

If I never see a fried food will still be too soon.

Sometimes in an effort to be a good wife, I suggest doing things that aren't really my thing, but that I know David will love. That is how we found ourselves having a "Deep Fry Dinner" last night. Looking back, I am not sure what possessed me to suggest this particular idea! haha

Things we deep fried:
purple onion rings
calamari rings
chicken breast
salmon rolls (I made these with salmon, spinach, and cream cheese all rolled into a spring roll wrapper...just like the ones we get at our favorite Thai restaurant)

It took hours to do everything! I don't even know how it could take that long, but it did...and that's not even counting cleaning up the kitchen. But the worst part was that by the time everything was done and we were getting ready to eat, fried anything was like the LAST thing I wanted. I ate two salmon rolls and drank a can of Fresca...and that's about all I could handle. So now we have fried food up the wazoo (we froze most of it), my apartment smells like a fast food restaurant, and all I can think about are carrots and apples. :(

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CityMom, CountryMom said...

Here's why I'm commenting...because a) I like 6 of the movies you listed in your profile and b) where were you when I was ranting about Palin? It seemed I was the only person in the place who was looking at her with a big "?" and not out shopping for a new outfit to wear when she came to town!
Anyway, not a stalker, but found you from a blog and another blog and so on...why is that, that we crave fruits and veggies after fried food? I hear ya sister.
CountryMom (Suzanne) from the midwest