Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This summer so far...

~ We've played lots of tennis, and I while I don't think I'm good at it yet, I do feel like I'm getting better. Theo even comes with us and runs around while we play.

~ We celebrated David's 28th birthday with a BBQ at a beautiful state park with his family.

~ I've taken lots of walks with this little beauty, her mama (my friend Kristy), and Theo.

~ We've had several game nights/bbq's with friends and hope to have more. Game nights are our favorite!

It's been a good summer so far and we have lots to look forward birthday, visits with family, camping, Spain (assuming our passports go through and David can get me on the plane, ha).


Jan said...

It HAS been a good summer! Lots of sun and glad to know you have been having fun!
Enjoyed the photos; what a litle cutie you get to go walking with!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

I must not read blogs often enough! SPAIN? When? How long? Itinerary? I loved that country and really hope to go back some day. It definitely found a place in my heart.