Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas with family

This year we got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with David's family and we had a wonderful time. On Christmas Eve his dad's side of the family always has a party with lots of people and lots of food. It rotates places every year but this year it was at David's parent's house which was really nice. After the party Jeff & Jess (David's brother and his wife) and David & I stayed up late playing games which was a blast! We might have had a bit too much fun because the four of us didn't wind up getting to sleep until 3:30am!

Christmas Day David and I woke up to the smell of cinnamon rolls, which is definitely not a bad way to wake up! We had a yummy breakfast and then opened our stockings from Santa. How Santa manages to fit so much stuff into each stocking will forever be a mystery to me! Then, after we all got ready for the day, we opened presents around the tree. It was especially fun to see our little niece Angelina open up all her presents. She has grown up so much lately and has really turned into the cutest little girl. She loves saying "Hi Aunt Tammy" and "Hi Uncle David" over and over again which of course we think is adorable! In the evening we had a wonderful Christmas dinner with David's immediate family and his beloved grandma, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Don.

It was so nice to be able to have a nice relaxing holiday and get to spend some good quality time with our family!

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas:


Sue said...

I am so glad you started a blog! And you have done a nice job too. I really appreciate seeing into the lives of family that we are not physically close to--so thanks for sharing your lives through this venue. Sounds like Christmas was fun. Here too. A lot of relaxing time, but Parker sure made opening presents exciting.
'til later,
By the way--your Christmas card was beautiful!
Happy first New Year together to you and David.

Jazz said...

Hey Tammy. I just left a long comment, but then realized I had to sign up to do so, so I'll try and remember what I said. Here goes:

I love this! Can you send me each blog you post or do I have to keep checking your page? I had a blast with you guys on Christmas. Did I hear that you guys are sick, or just David? "May God heal you quickly." I Love You!


Amy said...

Hi Tammy,

My mom told me about your blog and I'm so glad I visited! And I second my mom in saying that your Christmas card was so pretty. I am glad that you enjoyed your first Christmas together as a married couple. It really only gets better from here! With love, Amy