Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a couple of my favorite new things...

Do you ever come across something and then wonder to yourself "how in the world did I live so long without this" because you love it so much? Well, this rarely happens to me, but it has happened twice in the last few weeks.

I've been wanting rainboots for a long time now. If you live in Western Wash. you will definitely know why! I was trying to decide between pink boots with cupcakes on them or lime green ones with girly cocktails. But then my practical side came through and I started to doubt how many clothing items I have that will actually go with pink cupcakes or lime cocktails. Plus, this particular brand didn't have much cushioning in them. So I was looking around online and came across these. I ordered them in black thinking they would go with just about anything. They came a couple of weeks ago and they are oh-so-comfy and cushy inside and keep my feet warm, all while still looking cute with jeans! After living over here for 7 years now, I will never understand why it took me so long to buy rainboots!

Then, yesterday while browsing Sephora with a friend I noticed this cute little tube of lip shine. Candy Cane lip shine to be exact. So, of course I bought it (for those who don't know me well I have a hard time resisting fun makeup :) Oh, my goodness, I love it! This stuff seriously smells and tastes (not that I eat it but you know what I mean) exactly like a candy cane, plus it gives your lips this lovely little tingling sensation that I love. I'm slightly obsessed with it now. David even told me last night I should go buy a few more tubes of it. Considering how much makeup I alreay have, I was shocked...but hey, if someone's telling me to go back to Sephora and buy more, who am I to argue. ;)

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