Friday, March 23, 2007

My most recent digi scrapbook page...

This is only the second full page I've ever finished, lol. I've played around a lot trying to make digi pages but I am still very much a newbie! It's hard for me because I get all perfectionistic about it and very frustrated when I don't understand everything (which is quite often:). I actually made this one off of a template though which was pretty cool. Much easier than if I had to do it myself because all I had to do was copy and paste layers and decided what colors/papers I wanted in it.

Template - Gina Miller Designs; Papers - Daniela Peuss/ScrapArtist


AndiMae said...

Yay! I am so glad that you are posting your layouts! It looks awesome :)

Your post about babies and finances and being a stay-at-home mama was the sweetest thing ever! I agree with Amy- if you make it a priority and are willing to make some sacrifices, it is totally doable and completely worth it. This side of the state IS so expensive too, especially in terms of buying a house. It is depressing sometimes b/c we love where we live, but owning a home here seems impossible! We are seriously considering making a move to the eastside...wanna join us? :)

Happy Weekend!

Amy said...

Wow! You are so good! I think I might like this type of scrappin'! And your niece is adorable!

I like all the pink on your blog:) Love, Amy