Monday, July 2, 2007

He bakes?

Last night at about 10pm David got it into his head that he wanted from-scratch chocolate chip cookies. After trying to sweet-talk me into making them (i.e. "but you make them soo much better than I will") to NO avail he decided he was going to make them himself! Now, in the almost 4 years we have been together I have only seen him bake one thing...brownies from a box, in which he forgot one ingredient. So to say I was not sure how this would go is an understatement!

He asked a lot of questions as he went along and had a couple of humorous moments, such as when he scooped the cookie dough out onto the baking sheet and made each ball of dough so big that if he had baked them that way they surely would have all just melted into one big cookie, lol.

I teased him about his baking skills quite a bit, but he wound up doing great! So great that I told him I never need to make cookies again, because he can do them so well himself. His response was "man, I should never have done this!" haha

And during all this, what does a good wife do? She takes pictures of course!

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Amy said...

So funny! Neither I or Joel really bakes so we have to get all of our sweets from friends:) We get the refrigerated cookie dough...does that count? :)