Monday, July 30, 2007

Warning: Pity Party Post

Let me preface this all by saying that I do know I have many things to be thankful for. I have a husband that I love more and more each day. I have a puppy that I adore so much that I'm actually a little scared to have human children, for fear that I won't find them nearly so cute or endearing as I do my little Theo. And I have a small, but wonderful, group of family and friends. So I do know that in many ways I am very lucky.

But man-oh-man I just feel like nothing is going our way this year! David did not get the job that we hoped he would and I am just feeling very sad and slightly bitter about the whole thing. The woman he interviewed with (who owns the company) initially called HIM. She knew exactly how much sales experience David had and what kind of work he'd done in the past (David's friend works there and told her about David). She interviewed with him for about 90 minutes the first time and told him all about the pay structure, which was mind-boggling, and kept saying how she wanted to talk to him again and just basically made it sound like he had an excellent chance to get the job. So fast forward to 1 week later and she still hadn't called. So David called her to see if they could set up another time to talk about some of the topics that she'd mentioned wanting to discuss, so they set it up for the next day. David and I spent a couple of hours that night going over things he could say and writing down good talking points. The next day when they talked he said her whole demeanor had changed and she wouldn't even let him finish what he was saying before she started asking him impossible-to-answer questions and then finally telling him that it wouldn't work out. What the heck? She made it sound like he wasn't qualified when she'd known exactly what his previous experience had been before she'd ever even called him...AND the last guy she'd hired (David's friend) had far less sales experience than David does and was given 2 weeks to learn before he ever even talked to a client. I just don't understand why she couldn't give him the same chance. It just frosts my cookies that she set this whole thing in motion, got his (and my) hopes all up by acting like David had an awesome chance and then just smashed it all to pieces like it didn't even matter. This lady's whole schtick is that she wants to hire "good people that want to work hard and make money"...I'm sorry, but if she's looking to hire a "good" person who is willing to work hard, then she couldn't do any better than David. He is more honest and has more integrity than just about anyone else I've ever met!

All of this on top of the fact that David's company is starting to hire and will be training people in CA to do his job, so if he has more than 6-8 weeks left at his current company I would be shocked (though they haven't told him any of this as they don't tell him anything...he just hears it through a reliable source), AND I'm not working anymore right now (long story I don't want to discuss), AND our rent has risen $200 to $1055 a month for a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Good grief, we could pay a mortgage in some towns for what we're paying in rent (and we do not live in the most expensive apts. by any stretch)! I just want a house with a yard for Theo and there aren't any decent and affordable ones in our area. I just feel like the job he didn't get was the only chance we had to be able to live the kind of life we want to. I know people will say that David will get more opportunities...and I'm sure he will...but I can guarantee that they will not be as financially rewarding. And I do realize money isn't everything and there are a lot of things that are more important, but sometimes it's just hard to see it that way.

Okay...pity party is now over!


Sue said...

I realize you do not want platitudes or advice right now, so just let me say that you have been listened to--the purpose of your post I presume. Maybe David's honesty and integrity made the interviewer uncomfortable! ~Sue

Amy said...

My initial reaction is...that sucks.I'm sorry you guys are stuck in a tough time. But really, I hope that better things really do come your way, and I think they will. Will be praying for that.

On another note, I think I'm going to have to steal some of your songs off of your've got some good ones!

Love, Amy