Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meet Theo!

The newest member of our family is.....Theodore "Theo", our little 14 week old Havanese puppy!

He was so good on his first night here. He didn't make a peep, seriously not a single peep, the entire time when we picked him up and took him with us....until we put him in his crate for the first time. Then he was not pleased and let us know in a very high pitched cry! Everything I've read said that you cannot take them out when they bark or cry when they're in the crate or they will think that that is what they need to do in order to get out and will continue the behavior. But it was soo hard and he looked so pitiful! It also made me scared about what he was going to do when we put him in his crate at night to sleep and when he is alone in it for the 3 hours a day that he will be by himself until one of us gets home. Well, he was very, very good last night. He gave a couple little whines and then seemed to accept that he needed to stay in his little den (though his crate was right next to our bed for comfort). How he does during the day remains to be seen! I just hope we don't become the hated neighbors!

Theo and his dad :)

First family photo!

Theo with his favorite toy...a pink hedgehog!


Amy said...

He's so cute, Tammy! And his favorite toy...so funny!

Sue said...

I took a moment to check your blog and was amused to see your adventure into parenthood. Theo--I love the name--is adorable. Congratulations and hope he is adapting to his crate!