Thursday, April 19, 2007

We've created a monster!

This little guy sure looks innocent doesn't he? Well, let me tell's an illusion!!

Theo is sooo much work and has so many little doggy neurosis it's amazing! He has serious separation anxiety (and he's only alone maybe 4 hours each day) and yelps whenever we leave. He also yelps in the most annoying, highest pitched, bark I've ever heard if we say, dare come inside and put away groceries before getting him out of his crate. Seriously, yesterday I thought I was going to lose my mind it was so loud!

He is also fairly terrified of all other humans and dogs. He will let others pet him if they come to him, but he sure as heck won't go to anybody. In fact, yesterday when David took him outside to go potty, Theo saw a little old lady in a wheelchair and promptly proceeded to hide behind David and would not budge! He's such a stinkin' pansy! Hopefully, we will start puppy classes soon and he will get less neurotic.

He also hates baths, the hair dryer, curbs, stairs, dog treats, human food (whaaaaat?) and pooing outside! This morning I took him out twice within a 1-hour time period to go to the bathroom and how many times did he poo outside - many times did he poo inside within that same 1 hour time period - 4...that's right 4! Including one pile right on top of David's shorts! Seriously, if I ever mention getting another puppy anytime soon, somebody slap me!

Phew, I'll stop with my whining rant now and add that he is very cute and bounces around like a little bunny rabbit, which is pretty darn adorable! He also loves his dad (David;) more than anything in the world and it just warms my heart to see them together!

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Amy said...

Good thing he is cute:) I'm so jealous that you have a dog! ~amy