Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday picnic

David and I had a nice day yesterday! We packed up a picnic lunch and headed to a nice, deserted park with a huge lawn so that Theo could run around. He hasn't been off of his leash much, since we live in an apt. and don't have a fenced backyard or anything. But this lawn was so large that we figured David could outrun him before Theo could get anywhere unsafe.

And oh boy did Theo have fun!! David would run up ahead and then Theo would give chase as fast as he could...his hair flying back, ears flopping in the wind, and the cutest little puppy smile on his face! Then he would crash into David and promptly plop to the ground in exhaustion. About 20 seconds later this would start all over again! It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen, I just could not stop laughing at him. Makes up for all the times he tries to chew on my shoes, headband, blanket, etc. Here are a couple pictures to illustrate. :)

The only bad part of the picnic was when we went to eat our sandwiches and saw the bread was moldy...granted it was just a small amount, but we had only bought it 3 days beforehand! Isn't that annoying when it happens!?

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